Examples of Asian American Worship Music

Many second-generation (and beyond) Asian American ministries tend to use worship songs from white megachurches like Hillsong and Bethel. It is hard to find distinct Asian American voices in worship music. However, there are a few songwriters that I know of who have written songs from and for Asian North American English-speaking contexts. While much remains to be explored and written, below are 4 different approaches to Asian American worship songwriting along with song examples:

1. Drawing From Asian Cultural Themes

Julie Tai is a Korean American songwriter whose song “Revere” contains lyrics about the reverence and fear of God. These themes are strongly present in Tai’s Korean American Christian community. Continue reading “Examples of Asian American Worship Music”

5 Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year in a Worship Service

I was inspired to dream of what a #VeryAsian church service might look like after seeing people use the hashtag to proudly celebrate their Asian heritage in the face of anti-Asian racism. Many Asian Christians, past and present, gave up cultural traditions after they converted to Christianity, but what if we could worship God with all parts of ourselves, including our cultural heritage? Lunar New Year seems like a great opportunity to do just this, and below are 5 accessible resources and ideas for celebrating the holiday in worship. 
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