Gloria Fanchiang is a second-generation Taiwanese American songwriter, independent recording artist and worship leader, passionate about decolonizing worship and empowering Asian American communities to develop contextualized worship music and liturgy.


5 Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year in a Worship Service

I was inspired to dream of what a #VeryAsian church service might look like after seeing people use the hashtag to proudly celebrate their Asian heritage in the face of anti-Asian racism. Many Asian Christians, past and present, gave up cultural traditions after they converted to Christianity, but what if we could worship God with all parts of ourselves, including our cultural heritage? Lunar New Year seems like a great opportunity to do just this, and below are 5 accessible resources and ideas for celebrating the holiday in worship. 
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Welcome to My Blog!

Hello friends, welcome to my blog where I nerd out about things related to Asian American worship. I first became interested in this topic around 2015 after I started writing worship songs and it dawned on me that in the 2 years I spent attempting to do multicultural worship ministry, I never came across Asian American worship songs or resources. Thus I began my independent study…

I recently felt compelled to share the information and resources I’ve collected over the years. My hope is that this blog sparks conversation and inspires Asian Americans to create their own contextualized worship resources and services. There may not be tons of material already out there but there is enough for at least several blog posts (so stay tuned 🙂 ). I hope that just as Jesus blessed and multiplied the 5 loaves and 2 fish, may the Asian American offerings of worship shared in this blog also be multiplied.