Gloria Fanchiang is a published songwriter, producer, recording artist and worship leader based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about decolonizing worship and empowering Asian American communities to develop contextualized worship music and liturgy.

Gloria grew up as a second-generation Taiwanese American in a musical family in New Jersey, studying classical piano, flute, and singing and playing in numerous choirs and ensembles throughout her childhood. She also grew up in a Chinese immigrant church, but did not discover faith until joining the InterVarsity student group at Wesleyan University. As a college student, Gloria felt called to pursue music and also began wrestling with issues of Asian American identity, justice, and how they overlap with faith. After graduating with a B.A. in sociology, Gloria worked in the marketing research industry and served as a worship leader at Metro Community Church in Englewood, NJ. In that season she discovered her gift of songwriting and released her debut original worship album “Remain in Your Love” in 2016. Gloria later served as the Worship Director of HA:N UMC from May 2019 to April 2021 and led worship at EFC Alhambra during the pandemic.

Gloria’s original worship song “God Who Sees Us,” published by GIA Publications, Inc., has been used by various churches and events including the 2022 InterVarsity Urbana Conference and the 2022 Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries Consultation, where Gloria was a featured plenary speaker. Gloria also won 1st place in the 2023 Church of the Servant New Psalm Contest with her song “You Are My Shepherd,” which is featured on her sophomore album “Psalms.” And her blog, which curates worship resources by and for Asian American Christians, has been republished by outlets such as Asian American Christian Collaborative’s Reclaim Magazine. Gloria hopes that her music and ministry inspires Asian Americans to create their own unique expressions of worship.

Gloria holds a Certificate of Christian Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and was named a Lovelace Scholar in 2019 by the Hymn Society of the United States and Canada. Gloria’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

范姜士昀 (Gloria Fanchiang) 是美國出生的第二代華裔,衛斯理大學畢業,並取得富勒神學院基督教研究神學證書。六歲學彈鋼琴,也學過長笛、吉他和聲樂。2012年起,在教會帶領敬拜讚美,曾經服事過紐澤西大都會社區教會、紐約衛斯理公會及洛杉磯和平台福基督教會。2014年開始從事創作敬拜讚美詩歌,希望聖靈復興北美第二代的亞裔及華人基督徒,且一起創作屬於自己的福音歌曲。